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Updated 2 months ago ​by Chris

How does Avocarrot Exchange Work?

What is the Avocarrot Exchange?

Avocarrot Exchange (AVX) is an ad exchange platform where app publishers offer advertising space in their apps and advertisers bid for it. The exchange operates as a real-time auction platform under the OpenRTB v2.3 standards and the latest native advertising specs. 

What is Avocarrot Mediation?

Avocarrot mediation is our ad mediation solution for app developers that helps publishers monetize their apps and further optimize their revenue. It mediates major Ad Networks & DSPs to find the highest yielding margins and most relevant ads. 

Why is Avocarrot different from the competition? 

Avocarrot is the only ad exchange platform that serves purely in-app Native Ad traffic in a programmatic manner. This guarantees the best experience for the app users as well as the optimal revenue results for the app developers. In addition, the easy integration, the wide selection of tools (e.g. customized ads, video ads, revenue optimizer, reporting API) and the guaranteed monthly payments make Avocarrot the favorite choice amongst app developers for their monetization solution.

Avocarrot's mediation technology has a successful track record of finding the best eCPMs and increasing fill rates to increase profitability. Our sophisticated algorithm calculates the best available ad networks to maximize your revenue for every impression! Our strategic demand partnerships allows us to cover global markets and consequently help you yield higher margins.

In addition, you will have access to our transparency reports which efficiently shows how the ads are being optimized in the waterfall. The purpose of this report is to give you an unambiguous view of the number of ad requests, fill rate %, average eCPMs and total ad requests by countries and ad networks.

Our ad mediation solution also provides valuable audience insights to help you understand your app users. The insights include daily active users, top countries, average session time, device type, OS version, top device model, internet access type and the users’ Avocarrot SDK version.

How does the auction mechanism work?

Our programmatic auctions run under the second best price auction model. This means that the top bidder will pay the bid price that was set from the second top bidder. For example if the top bid was for 1.5$ and the second was for 1.2$ then the top bidder will win the auction by paying 1.2$. This model has been proven to be the most economical favorable for both ends of the auction.

How does the mediation mechanism work?

Our mediation technology allows the publisher to send ad requests to multiple ad networks in order to find the optimal ad opportunity to fill their ad space, therefore maximizing their revenue.

This single SDK is a great benefit as it avoids the issues of having to manage a large number of SDK integrations. The publisher can find the best ad networks to fill the ad space by prioritizing ad networks based on specific metrics.

Since the advertisers are competing over the inventory, the publisher has a greater opportunity to increase their overall advertising profit, while being in control of the ad network prioritization.

Is Avocarrot a self-serve platform?

Avocarrot is a self-serve platform with a dedicated and knowledgeable support team. We are here to answer all your questions and ensure the integration process is seamless as possible.

In which countries is Avocarrot available?

Avocarrot is highly connected in over 190 countries across developed and emerging markets.

We are proud of our global reach!

What are Native Ads?

Native ads can match the look and feel of your app to create a better user experience that doesn’t spam your users.

How do the different Native ad formats look?

Native Ads can look any way that you want since they are fully customizable. The most common implementations are Feed, List and Native interstitial.


What are the key metrics that affect my performance?

The most important metrics are the following: 

  • Ad requests: The number of times your app requested an ad to be displayed on an advertising space
  • Impressions: The number of times an ad was actually shown in one of the advertising spaces within your app  
  • Clicks: The number of times a user clicked on one of the ads shown in your app  
  • CTR- Click Through Rate: The number of clicks divided by the total impressions (clicks/impressions)  
  • Fill rate: The number of ad requests that successfully won an auction divided by the total number of ad requests  
  • eCPM: Your ad revenue per thousand impressions from your app

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